Who I am

Husband, father of three, restaurateur, tech student

I have dedicated my life to learning and perfecting my craft in the restaurant Industry. I have held titles such as Head chef, General manager and director of operations. I have been called the opener by many people. I can always be trusted to get a restaurant open, profitable, and efficient. Having more than 20 restaurant openings under my belt I have a wealthof experienceto draw from. I Have managed restaurants in California, Colorado and in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the past 22 years I have run the gambit of the restaurant world. Working from fast food to fine dinning. I have had the privilege of gaining experience across multiple cuisines and types of concepts. The past ten years I have spent working in New Orleans where I have had the opportunity to expand my experience and to be involved in developing and opening award winning new concepts. I take pride in what I do and work everyday to improve myself, our teams, and operations. I recently started to gain an education in information technology. I have gotten tired of failing networks, crashing servers, bad POS systems and credit card processing issues. I never want to have to call an IT support desk at 7pm during Friday dinner service lol.

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